London Attacked: Saturday’s Coverage

Here’s day three of Sky News’ Coverage of the Attacks on London City.

Saturday 9th July 2005
Mark White, Joey Jones and Victoria Bryning live from Tavistock Square.
Mike McCarthy live from King’s Cross.
Martin Brunt live from the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.
Jon Craig live from Downing Street.
Greg Milam on Package.

Presenters: Steve Gaisford and Lisa Aziz on-air from 6am, Vivien Creegor and Kevin Owen from 10am, Allan King and Paula Middlehurst from 4pm, Michael Watkins from 12am.

8-9pm: Thousands of people have been evacuated from Birmingham city centre after police issued a terror warning. Sky’s Hazel Westwood was on the phone to Sky News whist making her way to the scene. Sky was the first news channel with pictures and a live link.

Stay tune to Sky News for all the latest breaking News.

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Saturday 9 July 2005