London Attacked: 4 Failed Bombs in London

On Thursday 22nd July, Two weeks after the London Bombings which killed 52 people and the 4 perpetrators, four failed devices, which were all contained in rucksacks, were found at 4 different locations around Central London (Warren Street, The Oval and Shepherds Bush Tube stations and the number 26 Bus in Hackney)

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Sky News had key reporters and correspondents on the phone and in-vision within minutes. Joey Jones was the first reporter we heard from who was live ‘on phone’ from the Oval, Graham Leach was live in-vision from the Oval later in the afternoon.

Martin Brunt who’s been based at Scotland Yard for the last two weeks, was updating viewers with the latest news a few times an hour.

Martin Popplewell and Mark White were live from Warren ST, Alex Rossi was live from Shepherds Bush and Thomas Moore was live from the Bus scene in Hackney.

Jenny Percival and Jon Craig had live updates from Downing ST and Westminster.

Jayne Secker was also on Location, and Peter Sharp and Tim Marshall were on package.

The SkyCopter was live over the Oval and Hackney.

Presenters: Mark Longhurst and Emma Crosby broke the news just after 1pm, Anna Botting joined Mark just before 3pm, Martin Stanford was live from Warren ST at 5pm, Allan King and Juliette Foster from 8pm, Kevin Owen from 12am.

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Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Thursday 21 July 2005