WCW Former Hosts

Lance Russell Wrestling

Lance Russell – March 18, 1926 – was a sports broadcaster and ring announcer. He primarily served as a professional

Steve McMichael in WCW

Stephen Douglas McMichael – born October 17, 1957 – nicknamed “Mongo” is a former professional football player and professional wrestler.

Scott Hudson in WCW

Scott Hudson – September 20, 1964 – is a former World Championship Wrestling, Global Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Entertainment &

Pamela Paulshock in WCW

Pamela Paulshock was a former backstage interviewer for World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Pamela has appeared in

Mark Madden in WCW

Mark Madden – born December 29, 1959 – is a sports talk show host in Pittsburgh. He is best known

Jeremy Borash on TNA Wrestling

Jeremy Borash – born July 19, 1974 – is professional wrestling play-by-play commentator. He currently works for WWE. He is

David Penzer in WCW

David Penzer – born May 22, 1966 – is a professional wrestling ring announcer. He is currently signed to Impact

Paul Heyman in ECW

Paul Heyman – born September 11, 1965 – is a professional wrestling manager, former promoter. He is currently signed to

Lee Marshall in AWA

Lee Marshall – born November 28, 1949 – was an American professional wrestling announcer. He worked with the American Wrestling

Larry Zbyszko in AWA

Lawrence Whistler – born December 5, 1951 – is a retired professional wrestler. He is best known by the ring

Tom Miller WCW Ring Announcer

Tom Miller was a colour commentator and ring announcer for Jim Crocket Promotions from the late 1970’s to the early

Missy Hyatt in WCW

Melissa Ann Hiatt – born October 16, 1963 – is a retired professional wrestling valet and commentator. She is best