War Libya – Sky News Coverage

Hannah Thomas Peters

Hannah Thomas-Peter is a former correspondent for Sky News. Since moving to New York in 2010 she covered high profile

Sam Kiley Images Sky News

Sam Kiley is a former senior international correspondent for CNN. He has more than three decades of journalistic experience. After

Alex Crawford Sky News

Alex Crawford is news correspondent for Sky News. Crawford first worked in journalism at the Wokingham Times, completing a National

Amanda Walker Images Sky News

Amanda Walker is a former correspondent for Sky News. During her time at Sky she’s covered breaking stories including the

Niall Paterson Friday Night

Niall Paterson is a presenter for Sky News He has worked at Sky News since 2004, starting on the contracts

Lisa Holland

Lisa Holland is Sky News’ Foreign Affairs correspondent based in London. She’s a former reporter and presenter for BBC Spotlight

tim marshall Image

Tim Marshall is a former foreign correspondent at Sky News. He is also a former Sky News presenter, which included

Emma Hurd Images Sky News

Emma is a former correspondent for Sky News. She reported from Manhattan on the immediate aftermath of the World Trade

Andrew Wilson Images Sky News

Andrew Wilson joined the Sky news team as a reporter in 1993. He covered stories for Sky News in Bosnia,

Jeremy Thompson Images Sky News

Jeremy Thompson is one of Britain’s most experienced television newsmen. He was named Satellite/Digital TV Personality of the Year 2004

Kay Burley Image

Name: Kay Burley Date of Birth: 17th December 1960 Network: Sky News Biography: Kay Burley presents the breakfast show on