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Lucy Martin Pregnant TalkTV Weather Presenter 1

Lucy Martin is a weather presenter for the BBC. She joined the BBC in 2015 after the corporation advertised for a trainee weather presenter with a disability. Lucy – who was born without her right forearm and hand – has…

Nazaneen Ghaffar TalkTV Weather Presenter 1

Nazaneen Ghaffar is a former weather presenter on Sky News, joining them in November 2011. Nazaneen has been presenting the weather for both BBC and ITV for almost four years after being trained at the Met Office.

Jo Wheeler TalkTV Weather Presenter 2

Jo Wheeler – born 3 July 1963 – is a former weather presenter on Sky News. Before joining Sky, Wheeler had spells working for Central East Television as a continuity announcer from 1983 at Lenton Lane Studios , later Carlton…

Isobel Lang

Isobel Lang is a weather presenter on TalkTV. Isobel joined the Meteorological Office in September 1991 and after working at ITV, she joined the BBC in 1995. She was then a regular forecaster across all of the BBC’s outlets. Isobel…