Sky News Former Reporters

Tessa Chapman is Chief Correspondent for 5 News – a position she’s held since July 2011. Her first assignment with 5 News was in Libya where she reported on the liberation of Tripoli and the hunt for Colonel Gaddafi. She… Read more

Rachel is a news correspondent for ITV News. She joined ITV News in 2015 from Sky News where her roles included Political Correspondent and Europe Correspondent. As Health Editor at ITV her role includes providing analysis of the key issues… Read more

Jane Chilton is a former correspondent for Sky News.

David Crabtree is a former correspondent for Sky News. He currently works as a series Producer on British Forces TV.

Katie Stallard-Blanchette is a former Asia Correspondent for Sky News. Previously Media & Technology Correspondent at Sky News, Katie worked extensively on the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal, including the resignation of the BBC’s Director-General, and the Pollard Review into… Read more