Sky News Foreign Correspondents

Nicole Johnston

Nicole Johnston is Australia correspondent for Sky News. She has over 25 years in television, audio and digital news. Nicole

Yousra Elbagir

Yousra Elbagir is Africa correspondent at Sky News. She has reported on social, cultural and political movements worldwide. Before joining

Ivor Bennett in Russia for Sky News

Ivor Bennett is Moscow correspondent for Sky News. Ivor has worked with ITV and Reuters in the past. At ITV

Deborah Haynes in Ukraine

Deborah Haynes is Foreign Affairs Editor at Sky News. She is best known for her work as defence editor for

Diana Magnay

Diana Magnay is Moscow correspondent for Sky News She is an experienced journalist who has in-depth experience covering international affairs

John Sparks Images Sky News

John Sparks is Africa correspondent for Sky News. John joined Sky News as Moscow correspondent in September 2015, after four

Cordelia Lynch Images Sky News

Cordelia Lynch is Asia correspondent, based in Bangkok for Sky News. Previously she was U.S correspondent for Sky News. Before

Tom Cheshire

Tom Cheshire is Asia Correspondent at Sky News Tom is based in Beijing, with a particular focus on China, Japan,

Alex Crawford Sky News

Alex Crawford is news correspondent for Sky News. Crawford first worked in journalism at the Wokingham Times, completing a National

Alistair Bunkall

Alistair Bunkall is Middle East correspondent at Sky News. He was formerly defence and security correspondent, covering global security issues

Dominic Waghorn Sky News

Since joining Sky News in January 2001, Dominic has covered numerous stories across the globe, including the Bingol Earthquake, Turkey,

Alex Rossi Sky News Correspondent

Alex Rossi, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, is a news correspondent for Sky News. He started Broadcasting in BBC local radio after