Martine Croxall

Now, where were we?.. Martine Croxall is back on the BBC News Channel

Look who’s back!.. Martine Croxall has returned to the BBC News Channel this morning after 14 months off air.

Croxall was one of five female journalists who failed to land a Chief Presenter role in March 2023 when the UK channel was merged with BBC World News and has not appeared on the channel until today.

Geeta Guru-Murthy, Kasia Madera and Annita McVeigh have since returned to the airwaves. Karin Giannone has yet to appear.

Martine Croxall

BBC News Channel presenter Martine Croxall is taking legal action against the BBC. The details of the case are not

Martine Croxall BBC News Presenter

BBC News presenter Martine Croxall has been taken off air for a potential breach of impartiality rule, according to reports.

BBC News another camera fail

JINXED! this is what happen to Martine Croxall last week (below)..

Martine Croxall BBC News Presenter

Name? Martine Croxall Age? 36 Where are you from? Leicestershire originally How did you get started in broadcasting? Work experience

Martine Croxall returns to BBC News Channel

Martine Croxall is a presenter of the BBC News Channel Martine joined the BBC in 1991 when she was a