London bombings 2005

London Attacked: All 4 Suspects in Custody

All four would-be London bombers are in custody after a day of dramatic arrests in London and Rome.

Mark White and Jayne Secker live from Notting Hill.
Martin Brunt live at Scotland Yard.
Lisa Holland and Paul Brennan on package.

Presenters: Colin and Vivien broke the news on Sky News Today, Mark and Kay 1-5pm, Chris and Anna 5-8pm.

London Attacked: Yasin Hassan Omar Arrested

On Wednesday 27th July 2005, The would-be suicide bomber, Yasin Hassan Omar was Arrested in Birmingham

Sky News Coverage
David Crabtree and Paul Harrison live from Birmingham.
Martin Brunt live at New Scotland Yard.
Mark White live at Paddington Green police station.
Miranda Schunke live at Grantham train station.
Peter Sharp on package.

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London Attacked: Stockwell Tube Shooting

The Met Police have shot dead a suspected suicide bomber at Stockwell Tube Station in South London.

Sky News’ Coverage:
Anna Botting presents Live at Five from Stockwell.
Martin Brunt and Glen Oglaza live from Scotland Yard.
Martin Popplewell live from Stockwell.
Mark White live on phone from East London, Then live from Stockwell.
Nicola Hill live from Stockwell.
Graham Leach live from Harrow Road.
Joey Jones live from the QEII Centre, Then live from Stockwell.
David Crabtree live from Birmingham.
Peter Sharp, Geoff Meade and Alex Rossi on Package.

Presenters: Colin and Lisa broke the news on Sky News Today, Mark 1-5pm and Anna and Chris 5-8pm.

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London Attacked: 4 Failed Bombs in London

On Thursday 22nd July, Two weeks after the London Bombings which killed 52 people and the 4 perpetrators, four failed devices, which were all contained in rucksacks, were found at 4 different locations around Central London (Warren Street, The Oval and Shepherds Bush Tube stations and the number 26 Bus in Hackney)

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Sky News had key reporters and correspondents on the phone and in-vision within minutes. Joey Jones was the first reporter we heard from who was live ‘on phone’ from the Oval, Graham Leach was live in-vision from the Oval later in the afternoon.

Martin Brunt who’s been based at Scotland Yard for the last two weeks, was updating viewers with the latest news a few times an hour.

Martin Popplewell and Mark White were live from Warren ST, Alex Rossi was live from Shepherds Bush and Thomas Moore was live from the Bus scene in Hackney.

Jenny Percival and Jon Craig had live updates from Downing ST and Westminster.

Jayne Secker was also on Location, and Peter Sharp and Tim Marshall were on package.

The SkyCopter was live over the Oval and Hackney.

Presenters: Mark Longhurst and Emma Crosby broke the news just after 1pm, Anna Botting joined Mark just before 3pm, Martin Stanford was live from Warren ST at 5pm, Allan King and Juliette Foster from 8pm, Kevin Owen from 12am.

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London Attacked: Sky’s Coverage One week on

Thursday 14th July, The day of the 2-minute silence:
Lorna Dunkley presented Sunrise from King’s Cross.
Jeremy Thompson presented Live at Five from Trafalgar SQ.

Joel Hills live from Trafalgar SQ.
Sarah Hughes live from Tavistock SQ.
Martin Popplewell live from King’s Cross.
David Bowden travelled on London transport (Luton to London) with the general public, on the some train that the bombers took last Thursday (package).

The rest of this weeks coverage:
Miranda Schunke as been reporting on the raids live from Burley, Leeds, since Monday.
Martin Brunt as been based at Scotland Yard since last week.
Mark White was livefrom King Cross from Monday – Wednesday.
Joel Hills was live from Tavistock SQ from Monday – Wednesday.

Alex Rossi was live from Aylesbury, reporting on the raids on Wednesday night, David Crabtree live from the same location on Thursday afternoon.

Peter Sharp and Lisa Holland have been working on packages this week.

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London Attacked: Saturday’s Coverage

Here’s day three of Sky News’ Coverage of the Attacks on London City.

Saturday 9th July 2005
Mark White, Joey Jones and Victoria Bryning live from Tavistock Square.
Mike McCarthy live from King’s Cross.
Martin Brunt live from the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.
Jon Craig live from Downing Street.
Greg Milam on Package.

Presenters: Steve Gaisford and Lisa Aziz on-air from 6am, Vivien Creegor and Kevin Owen from 10am, Allan King and Paula Middlehurst from 4pm, Michael Watkins from 12am.

8-9pm: Thousands of people have been evacuated from Birmingham city centre after police issued a terror warning. Sky’s Hazel Westwood was on the phone to Sky News whist making her way to the scene. Sky was the first news channel with pictures and a live link.

Stay tune to Sky News for all the latest breaking News.

London Attacked: Friday’s Coverage

Here’s day two of Sky News’ Coverage of the Attacks on London City.

Friday 8th July 2005
Martin Stanford and Sarah Hughes live from the Royal London Hospital.
Jeremy Thompson and Mike McCarthy live from Russell SQ.
David Bowden live from King’s Cross.
Alex Rossi live from Liverpool ST.
Greg Milam live from the QE2 Centre in Central London.
Mark White live from Downing ST.
Colin Brazier, Geoff Meade, Robert Nisbet and Joey Jones on package.

Presenters: Steve Dixon and Lorna Dunkley came on-air at 5am, Julie from 10am, Mark and Sheila from 1pm and Julie once again from 5pm, Chris joins Julie at 7pm, Allan and Emma from 8pm.

Stay tune to Sky News for all the latest breaking News.

London Attacked: Thursday’s Coverage

All services on the London Underground have been suspended following explosions at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King’s Cross and Russell Square.

Sky News is LIVE on the ground with all the latest developments, Sky are also Live in the air with the SkyCopter.

Thursday 7th July 2005
Lisa Holland and Paul Brennan on the phone from Liverpool Street station.
Jeremy Thompson, Lisa Holland, Martin Popplewell, Andrew Moore and Mark White live from Russell SQ.
Greg Milam and Ashish Joshi live from Aldgate.
Robin Nisbet and Paul Harrison live from King’s Cross.
Thomas Moore live from the Royal London hospital.
Victoria Bryning live from Whitechapel.
Tim Marshall live from Covent Garden and Sky News Centre.
Martin Brunt live from Scotland Yard.
Sarah Hughes live in the SkyCopter.
Jonathan Samuels, Peter Sharp and Nicola Hill on Package.

Presenters: Lorna and Steve Dixon on-air for Sunrise from 6am, Chris and Julie from 10am, Martin joins Julie at 11:30am, Anna from 5pm, Mark joins Anna at 7pm, Chris joins Mark at 8pm, Allan and Steve Gaisford from 1am, Emma joins Allan at 1:30am.

Stay tune to Sky News for all the latest breaking News.