Keir Simmons

Keir Simmons on Sky News

Former ITV News reporter Keir Simmons appeared on Sky News over the weekend.

He was reporting from Moscow on the Russian Elections.

Keir spent 16 years at ITN before joining NBC as Senior International Correspondent in 2012.

Sky Group and NBCUniversal are owned by Comcast with the two news networks cooperating together.

Hala Gorani, former CNN presenter – now a presenter at NBC News, was a guest on Sky’s Sunday Morning programme.

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Keir Simmons has become a Daddy to two little girls. Taking to his public Facebook account to announce the news,

Keir Simmons and his wife Jessica

ITV News correspondent Keir Simmons has announced he and his wife are expecting twins. While reviewing the newspapers on This

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On Wednesday 10th November 2010 around 50,000 student protesters took to the streets of Central London to protest about the

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ITV News has appointed Keir Simmons as the new UK Editor. After weeks of waiting, confirmation has come through to

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Speculation is now growing that ITV’s current Crime Correspondent; Keir Simmons will replace Angus Walker as the new UK Editor.

Keir Simmons NBC News Reporter

Keir Simmons is a news reporter for NBC News. He has covered stories as diverse as the Tsunami, the 7

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Name? Keir Simmons Age? 34 Where are you from? South East London via Bristol How did you get started in