Kate McCann

Kate McCann TalkTV

Tory MP Nadine Dorries and TalkTV’s Political Editor Kate McCann will guest host Piers Morgan Uncensored next week. Piers is

TalkTV debate interrupted by a loud crash.mp    hms

The Sun and TalkTV debate between Tory leadership hopefuls has been suspended after host Kate McCann fainted. TalkTV said: “Kate

Kate McCann TalkTV Promo

Kate McCann – TalkTV Promo 2022

Fuck the feds Sky News Blooper

Sky News correspondent Kate McCann said on social media: “So sorry if you heard some fairly choice language on air

Cowgirl Kate McCann on BBC This Week

Kate McCann is to leave Sky News to take up the role of Political Editor at talkTV. “Delighted to be

Cowgirl Kate McCann on BBC This Week

Sky News’ Kate McCann was a guest on BBC’s ‘This Week’ on Thursday. The political correspondent went in search for

Kate McCann TalkTV

Kate McCann is a former Political Editor at talkTV. Kate, who was with Sky News from November 2018 to March