ITV Regional News Presenters

David Whiteley ITV Anglia Presenter

David Whiteley is a co-presenter of ITV News Anglia. Whiteley presented the regional BBC One programme Inside Out East until

Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson is a news presenter at ITV Calendar.

Becky Jago ITV News Anglia Presenter

Becky Jago – born 20 April 1976 – is a news presenter for ITV News Anglia. Jago started her career

Amy Lea

Amy Lea is a news presenter of ITV Tyne Tees. During her career, Amy has reported on stories both home

Gamal Fahnbulleh

Gamal Fahnbulleh is a presenter for Granada Reports – a position he took up in January 2021. Since 2014, he

Andrea Byrne on ITV Wales at Six

Andrea Byrne is a broadcast journalist and newsreader, currently employed by ITN and ITV Wales. Andrea can be seen during

Eli Louise Wringe

Eli-Louise is an ITV News preseenter working in Bristol for ITV News West Country.

Jonathan Hill ITV Wales Presenter

Jonathan Hill is a presents of Wales at Six. Hill, who studied English at Swansea University before specialising in journalism,

Stacey Poole ITV Meridian Presenter

Stacey Poole is a news presenter at ITV Meridian.

Ian Payne ITV

Ian Payne is a news presenter on ITV Tyne Tees. Prior to his TV work he studied sport at Northumbria

Sarah Gomme ITV Meridian Presenter

Sarah Gomme is a news presenter at ITV Meridian.

Sangeeta Bhabra

Sangeeta Bhabra – born 19 February 1974 – is a presenter on ITV Meridian. She trained in journalism and achieved