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Stacey Poole ITV Meridian Presenter 2

Stacey Poole is a news presenter at ITV Meridian.

Sarah Gomme ITV Meridian Presenter 2

Sarah Gomme is a news presenter at ITV Meridian.

Sangeeta Bhabra

Sangeeta Bhabra – born 19 February 1974 – is a presenter on ITV Meridian. She trained in journalism and achieved a Masters Degree in linguistics from St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Bhabra first worked for Meridian Tonight as a regular presenter,…

Matt Teale ITV Meridian Presenter 1

Matt Teale a news presenter at ITV Meridian. Matt was a sports presenter for Central Tonight on ITV Central. Prior to working on the now defunct Setanta Sports News in November 2007 until June 2009. Following Setanta, Matt has been…