Five News Reporters

Alyx Barker  News Reporter

Alyx Barker is an output producer at 5 News. Alyx has been with 5 News since 2017. She joined from

Alan Jenkins  News

Alan Jenkins is a news reporter at 5 News. He has been based in Scotland since April 2019, covering stories

Bradley Harris GB News Reporter

Bradley Harris is a news reporter for 5 News. Prior to this, Baradley was GB News’ North West reporter. He

Mark McQuillian  News

Mark McQuillan is a news reporter at 5 News. He was ITV Channel’s lead male presenter anchoring their flagship programme

Simon Vigar  News

Simon Vigar is a news reporter for Channel 5 News. Simon’s had a front row seat at the biggest Royal

Catherine Jones  News

Catherine Jones – born 14 June 2021 – is Health Correspondent for 5 News. Brought up in Essex, Jones started

Julian Druker  News

Julian is a correspondent on 5 News. In Kenya, he gave live updates as terrorists attacked the Westgate Shopping Complex.

Leyla Hayes  News

Leyla Hayes is a reporter and presenter for 5 News. Previously Leyla worked for BBC News and Sky News.

Tessa Chapman  News

Tessa Chapman is Chief Correspondent for 5 News – a position she’s held since July 2011. Her first assignment with

Steve Hargrave  News Reporter

Steve Hargrave is the Entertainment Correspondent for 5 News. Previous credits include ITV London, the ITV News Channel and Sky

Ruth Liptrot  News

Ruth Liptrot is a Five News Reporter. Ruth joined Five News in July 2005.

Peter Lane  News

Peter Lane joined Five News as North Of England Correspondent in early 2005. Peter joined from the BBC where he