Channel 4 News Former Presenters

Serena Barker-Singh

Serena Barker-Singh is a political correspondent at Sky News. She joined Sky News from Channel 4 News in 2023.

Nick Paton Walsh on CNN

Nick Paton Walsh – born 1977 – is a journalist who is CNN’s International Security Editor. He has been CNN’s

Liz Bates Sky News Political Correspondent

Liz Bates is a political correspondent at Sky News Liz joined Sky News from Channel 4 News where she served

Tom Clarke Sky News Science and Technology Editor

Tom Clarke is Sky News’ Science and technology editor. He covers a range of stories including COVID, climate and how

Cordelia Lynch Images Sky News

Cordelia Lynch is Asia correspondent, based in Bangkok for Sky News. Previously she was U.S correspondent for Sky News. Before

Michael Crick Channel  News

Michael Lawrence Crick – born 21 May 1958 – is a former reporter on Channel 4 News. He was a

Lucy Manning BBC News

Lucy Manning is a news reporter at the BBC She reported on a wide range of topics for ITN including

Nick Martin on Sky News

Nick Martin is people and politics correspondent for Sky News Nick as reported from around the world on some of

Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam – born 1978 – is Economics Editor at BBC News. He was the Economics Editor of Channel 4