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Andy Moore - BBC News Correspondent (2)

Andy Moore is a general news reporter for BBC News. Prior to this, Andy was a news correspondent at Sky News.

Richard Bilton - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Richard Bilton has been a reporter for BBC Panorama since 2007. He works across BBC journalism and has presented a number of series for BBC Two on topics ranging from poverty and social mobility to surveillance and diplomacy. Before moving… Read more

Nicholas Witchell - BBC News Reporter (1)

Nicholas Witchell is BBC News’ Royal & Diplomatic Correspondent. He first joined the BBC as a graduate news trainee in 1976 after completing a law degree at Leeds University. In September 1984 he was, with Sue Lawley, one of the… Read more


Nick Robinson is BBC News’ Political Editor. Robinson rejoined the BBC in 2005 to replace Andrew Marr as Political Editor. Nick left the BBC in 2002 to join ITV as its Political Editor. Prior to this he was BBC News… Read more

Orla Guerin - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Orla Guerin is a BBC News Correspondent based in South America.. Prior to this, she was a Africa, and Middle East Correspondent. Orla joined the BBC as news correspondent in 1995 and in January 1996 was posted to the West… Read more

Andrew Harding - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Andrew Harding is a news reporter for the BBC. He was one of the first foreign reporters to reach Aceh after the Asian tsunami. He has also reported undercover from Burma and the Philippines. He also covered the earthquake in… Read more

Damian Grammaticas - BBC News Correspondent (8)

Damian Grammaticas is a Europe Correspondent for BBC News. He joined the BBC in 1994 and became Hong Kong correspondent in 2000, covering stories from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. Grammaticas became BBC Moscow… Read more

Chris Morris - BBC News Reporter (1)

Chris Morris is Reality Check Correspondent at BBC News. Prior to this, he was the BBC’s Turkey Correspondent and he has also been based in Sri Lanka and Washington. Chris joined the BBC in 1988 as a member of the… Read more


Mark Mardell is BBC News’ Europe Editor. Previously, Mark was the BBC’s chief political correspondent. Mark joined the BBC in 1989 as political correspondent for the BBC’s Six O’Clock News. Mark is married and has three children.

Matthew Price - BBC News Reporter (2)

Matthew Price currently works as Chief Correspondent for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. Prior to this, he was the BBC’s Belgrade correspondent from 2002 and covered events across the former Yugoslavia and Albania. Matthew joined the BBC in 1994… Read more

James Reynolds - BBC News (2)

James Reynolds – born 20 May 1974 – is the Rome Correspondent for BBC News. James joined the BBC in 1997 on a News trainee scheme. Since then, he has also been the BBC’s South America Correspondent where he covered… Read more

Caroline Hawley - BBC News Reporter (1)

Caroline Hawley is a BBC News Special Correspondent. Prior to this, she was based in Iraq following the second Gulf War and later undertook a brief spell in Jerusalem. Caroline joined the BBC in 1994 as a newsroom journalist for… Read more

Laura Trevelyan - BBC News (2)

Laura Trevelyan is the BBC’s Correspondent based at the UN. Since 2004, Laura had been a BBC Correspondent based in Washington. Prior to this, she was a Political correspondent. Laura’s first job at the BBC was in 1993 as a… Read more

Fergal Keane - BBC News (1)

Fergal Keane is a special correspondent for BBC News. Prior to this he was based in London in the BBC’s World Affairs unit. Fergal joined the BBC in 1989 as Northern Ireland correspondent. Fergal has also spent spells as South… Read more


Lyse Doucet is a presenter and reporter for BBC World. Lyse presents at various times of the week as well as being posted to various locations in the event of breaking stories to anchor live on location. Lyse is also… Read more


Lucy Hockings presents The World Today each weekday on BBC World alongside Sally Bundock. Lucy joined BBC World in 1999 as a producer. She then started reporting for the channel and later presented several weekend bulletins on the channel. In… Read more

James Landale - BBC News (7)

James Landale is a correspondent for the BBC. Before joining the BBC in 2003, Landale spent 10 years as a reporter with The Times newspaper, latterly as Assistant Foreign Editor. In 2005 Landale wrote Duel, a book about a 1826… Read more

Tim Willcox - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Tim Willcox currently presents on the BBC News Channel Tim has also presented on BBC World and on BBC Breakfast. Some of the major international events that he has anchored live on air include the death of Slobodan Milosevic, Kashmir… Read more

Jon Sopel - BBC News (2)

Jon Sopel is currently North America Editor for the BBC During his time at the BBC, Jon has presented the BBC’s One and Six O’clock News bulletins as well as Westminster Live and Around Westminster. Jon joined the BBC in… Read more


Jeremy Bowen is BBC News’ Middle East Editor. Jeremy had been a special correspondent for BBC Television News since March 2003, including his most recent assignment in Rome. He previously co-presented BBC One’s Breakfast for two years after its launch… Read more

Sarah Campbell - BBC News

Sarah Campbell is the BBC’s royal correspondent. She joined the BBC in 1997 as a news reporter for BBC South. Sarah then worked on BBC Parliament (2001) and BBC Three (2003) before joining BBC Breakfast in the autumn of 2003… Read more

Ben Ando - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Ben Ando is a reporter on Breakfast, the BBC’s early morning news programme. Prior to this, Ben worked at Five News for seven years before leaving to join the BBC in 2005. Before working at Five and the BBC, Ben… Read more