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Hannah Miller on BBC News

Hannah Miller is a political correspondent for BBC News. She was previously political correspondent for ITV’s Granada Reports and North of England, covering politics in the North West of England.

Rebecca Curran

Rebecca Curran is a presenter and correspondent at the BBC. She began her career at Northsound Radio in Aberdeen then worked for three years at STV before joining the BBC’s Aberdeen newsroom as a senior broadcast journalist in December 2016….

Colin Paterson BBC Entertainment Correspondent 2

Colin Paterson – born 1974 – is Arts and Entertainment correspondent for the BBC. He began his career as a reporter for The Big Breakfast, and in 2001 he started writing a music column for The Guardian. He became a…

Maz Farookhi

Maz Farookhi is a reporter for BBC World Service and 5 Live sport. She has been working on the BBC since 2009. In July 2003 she reported on the Women’s World Cup for the BBC.

Mimi Swaby BBC News 1

Mimi Swaby is a news reporter at the BBC. She works for the BBC World Service as the Latin America Regional Editor and as a reporter/producer on the breakfast program Newsday. Mimi specialises on the environment and Latin America. She…

Azadeh Moshiri BBC News

Azadeh Moshiri is a reporter at BBC News. Formerly worked on PBS/CNN International’s nightly global affairs and U.S. politics program, Amanpour.

Marianna Spring BBC News 2

Marianna Spring – born 21 February 1996 – is a broadcast journalist. She is the BBC’s first specialist disinformation and social media correspondent. Spring undertook work experience at The Guardian and Private Eye. After graduation, she applied for various journalism…

Sofia Bettiza BBC Rome Correspondent 2

Sofia Bettiza is a Multimedia reporter at the BBC. She is currently based in Europe, and can speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and Croatian.

Dominic Casciani BBC News

Dominic Casciani is the BBC’s Home and Legal correspondent. He focuses on stories relating to law, order, society and belonging – including immigration, ethnicity, the rule of law and terrorism. He joined the BBC in 1998 and was a pioneer…

Shiona McCallum on BBC News 2

Shiona McCallum is a technology reporter at BBC News. She made the move in 2021 from her previous role as multimedia reporter and presenter at Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and The Asian Network.

Naomi Choy Smith BBC News Reporter 2

Naomi Choy Smith is a news reporter at the BBC. She joined the corporation in April 2022. Prior to that, she worked as a freelance journalist in the UK, and with CBS News.

Melissa Bell on CNN 2

Melissa Bell is a correspondent for CNN based in the Paris bureau. Bell joined CNN in October 2016 from France 24, where she was a political editor before being promoted to international affairs editor and correspondent. She has extensive knowledge…

Hugo Bachega BBC Ukraine Correspondent 1

Hugo Bachega is a news correspondent at BBC News. He started his career as an intern for the Reuters news agency in São Paulo before becoming a full-time political correspondent. Hugo is currently the BBC’s Ukraine correspondent.

Anita Rani

Anita Rani Nazran – born 25 October 1977 – better known as Anita Rani, is a radio and television presenter. After leaving university Rani worked as a researcher for the BBC and other organisations. In 2002, Rani presented The Edit,…

David Wallace Lockhart BBC News 1

David Wallace Lockhart is a news correspondent at BBC News. David has been a political correspondent with the BBC since 2018.