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Kay Jennie Lucrezia Sarah Keme on The Weakest Link 1

On Tuesday 28th December 2021, journalists Sarah Smith, Kay Burley, Keme Nzerem, Vanessa Feltz, Jennie Bond, Michelle Ackerley, Matt Allwright and Lucrezia Millarini played The Weakest Link on BBC One. The eight contestants play together in an attempt to build…

The Queen Tours BBC News Centre NBH 06 07 13 21 05

The Queen visited the BBC’s new Broadcasting House today, in order to declare it officially open. During her visit, she saw the main TV news studio from the other side of the glass, while presenters Julian Worricker and Sophie Long…

BBC NEWS BBC News 03 18 12 58 13

BBC News begun broadcasting from brand new studios at Broadcasting House in central London on Monday 18 March 2013. Simon McCoy and Sophie Long presented the final shift (8.30am-1pm) from Studio N6 at Television Centre.

Carrie Gracie Returns to the BBC News Channel 3

Images: Carrie Gracie returns to the BBC News Channel after having treatment for cancer.