AWA Former Hosts

Rod Trongard on the AWA

Rodney Douglas Trongard – born February 16, 1933 – was a Minnesota-based sports broadcaster on both radio and television in

Lee Marshall in AWA

Lee Marshall – born November 28, 1949 – was an American professional wrestling announcer. He worked with the American Wrestling

Larry Nelson AWA

Larry Shipley was a professional wrestling ring announcer. He also was a commentator and interviewer who was with the AWA

Greg Gagne in AWA

Gregory Alan Gagne – born July 27, 1948 – is a retired professional wrestler. He is the son of Verne

Gary Ron in AWA

Gary Ron was an announcer for AWA.

Donna Gagne in AWA

Donna Gagne was a host on AWA. She is the daughter of AWA owner Verge Gagne.

Eric Bischoff Former WCW WWE AWA Host

Eric Aaron Bischoff – born May 27, 1955 – is a former professional wrestling booker and host. He is best

Gary Michael Cappetta in WCW

Gary Michael Cappetta – born December 12, 1952 – is a professional wrestling ring announcer. For years, he was dubbed