ABC News Reporters

Faraz Javed Reporter

Faraz Javed is a television journalist, presenter, and producer who is currently a ABC News reporter at at WXYZ-TV. He

Victor Oquendo on ABC News

Victor Oquendo is a correspondent for ABC News based in Miami. Prior to joining ABC News, he worked at the

Mary Bruce ABC News

Mary Bruce is the chief White House correspondent for ABC News based in Washington, D.C. As the senior White House

Kayna Whitworth on ABC News

Kayna Whitworth is a news correspondent for ABC News. She is based in Calabasas, California, and reports on Good Morning

Elizabeth Schulze on ABC News

Elizabeth Schulze is a correspondent for ABC News. Prior to joining ABC News, she covered technology news at CNBC International,

Zohreen Shah on ABC News

Zohreen Shah is a Los Angeles-based national reporter for ABC News. Previously, Zohreen served as a pop news anchor on

Jaclyn Lee ABC News Reporter

Jaclyn Lee is a news reporter at ABC News. She joined ABC News in 2023. Before then, she worked at

Will Reeve

Will Reeve is a ABC News correspondent based in New York. At ABC News, Reeve has reported on a variety

Tom Soufi Burridge on ABC News

Tom Soufi Burridge is a Foreign Correspondent at ABC News. Before joining ABC, he was a correspondent at the BBC

Terry Morgan on ABC News

Terry Moran is Senior National Correspondent at ABC News. Based in Washington, D.C, Moran covers national politics and policy, the

Mola Lenghi on ABC News

Mola Lenghi is a news correspondent for ABC News. He joined the network in 2022, following 5 years at CBS

Matt Gutman on ABC News

Matt Gutman – born December 5, 1977 – is a reporter for ABC News. He is the network’s Chief National