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Brian Ross is the chief investigative correspondent of ABC News. He has been with ABC News since July 1994. From 1974 until 1994, Ross was a correspondent for NBC News.


Bill Weir is co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend Edition on ABC. Weir frequently appears on the weekday Good Morning America as a fill-in anchor or correspondent. Bill Weir was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a degree in journalism… Read more


Betsy Stark is a business correspondent for ABC News. She regularly contributes reports on the U.S. and global economy, business trends and issues to “World News With Charles Gibson,” “Good Morning America,” “This Week” and other ABC News programs.


Barbara Pinto is an ABC News correspondent based in Chicago, IL. Pinto joined ABC News in October 2001. Prior to joining ABC News, Pinto was a correspondent at CNBC, where she followed the dot-com implosion and economic trends. She contributed… Read more