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Dr. Timothy Johnson is the current medical editor/contributor for ABC News. He provides on-air medical ABC’s World News Tonight, Nightline and 20/20. He also appears on Good Morning America. Johnson is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and on… Read more


Steve Osunsami is an correspondent for ABC News based in Atlanta. He contributes reports to “World News with Charles Gibson” and other ABC News broadcasts and platforms. Osunsami began his network career at ABC News in April 1997, as a… Read more


Ron Claiborne is the news anchor for ABC News’ weekend edition of Good Morning America. Claiborne came to ABC News in 1986 and has been a general assignment correspondent based in Boston, reporting for World News Tonight, Nightline and Good… Read more


Pierre Thomas covers the Justice Department for ABC News. He joined the network in November 2000 and reports for “World News with Charles Gibson,” “Good Morning America,” “Nightline” and other ABC News programs.


Ned Potter is the science correspondent for ABC News. An ABC News correspondent since July 1987, Mr. Potter came from CBS News, where he was a correspondent in the Chicago and Boston bureaus from 1980 to 1987. His assignments there… Read more


Mike Von Fremd is an ABC News correspondent based in Dallas. Von Fremd’s recent assignments have included covering the Iraq war from Baghdad and Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He also reported on the collapse… Read more


Miguel Marquez is a ABC News Correspondent based in London. Since joining ABC News in May 2005, Marquez has spent several months in Iraq covering the war, politics and the ongoing sectarian violence. He reported from Iraq during one of… Read more


Martha Raddatz is Chief White House correspondent for ABC News. Raddatz was promoted to her current role in November 2005, after six years with ABC News. Raddatz began her tenure at ABC News in 1999 as the network’s State Department… Read more


Lisa Stark is a correspondent for ABC News. Lisa was named a correspondent for ABC News in 1994. In her current position she specializes in reporting on federal agencies, covering the Food and Drug Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation… Read more


Kate Snow is a co-presenter of Good Morning America Weekend Edition on ABC. Snow also frequently appears on the weekday Good Morning America and World News with Charles Gibson as a fill-in anchor or correspondent. Snow joined ABC in 2003… Read more


Jonathan Karl is Senior National Security Correspondent for ABC News. He covers the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, and the State Department on behalf of “World News With Charles Gibson,” “Nightline,” and “Good Morning America.”


John McKenzie is medical science correspondent for ABC News based in New York. McKenzie has covered many of the controversies in medicine, from stem cell research to screening for breast and prostate cancer. His reports on cutting-edge technology have included… Read more


John Donvan is a correspondent for ABC News Nightline. Donvan has served over a career of more than two decades in the following capacities for ABC News: Chief White House Correspondent, Chief Moscow Correspondent, Amman Bureau Chief, Jerusalem Correspondent, and… Read more


John Berman is a correspondent for ABC News based in New York. John Berman has been at ABC News since 1995, and has been based in New York since 2001. He is a regular contributor to all of ABC’s broadcasts,… Read more


Jim Sciutto is ABC News’ Senior Foreign correspondent, based in London. Since moving overseas in 2002, he has reported from more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, including twelve assignments in Iraq. He contributes… Read more


Jim Avila is a correspondent for ABC News. Before joining ABC, he was a correspondent for NBC News. He frequently anchors World News Saturday.


Jeffrey Kofman is a Miami-based correspondent for ABC News, covering Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean. Kofman arrived at ABC from CBS News, where he was a correspondent in the network’s New York City bureau. At CBS, he reported for… Read more


Jan Crawford Greenburg is a legal correspondent for ABC News. She previously was legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune and provided legal analysis on the Supreme Court of the United States for the PBS program The NewsHour with Jim… Read more


Jake Tapper is a correspondent for ABC News in Washington, DC. Before joining ABC News, Tapper worked for three years at Powell Tate, a Washington, DC, public relations firm run by former George H.W. Bush and Nancy Reagan press secetary… Read more


George Stephanopoulos is currently ABC News’s Chief Washington Correspondent. He’s also the host of ABC’s Sunday morning news show This Week. Prior to joining ABC News, he was a senior political adviser to the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill… Read more


Erin Hayes is a correspondent for ABC News based in Atlanta. A 25-year veteran of broadcast news, Hayes has won numerous national awards for her reporting. Hayes covers a wide range of stories and is often among the lead correspondents… Read more


David Muir is presenter of World News and a correspondent for ABC News based in New York.


Dan Harris is presenter of World News Sunday and a New York-based correspondent for ABC News. Harris joined ABC News in March 2000. Prior to that, Harris was an anchor at New England Cable News (NECN), the largest regional cable… Read more


David Kerley is a correspondent for ABC News based in Washington, D.C. Kerley, who joined the network in 2004, contributes regularly to all ABC News broadcasts, including “World News With Charles Gibson. A native of Southern California, Kerley and his… Read more


Christopher Bury is an Emmy Award-winning correspondent for ABC News Nightline, where he’s also a substitute presenter. Bury began his career in journalism in 1975 as a reporter for WCLX Radio in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He then moved on to… Read more