WWE Monday Night Raw to stay on USA Network through December 2024

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Thursday 9 May 2024

WWE Monday Night Raw will stay on the USA Network through December 2024.

Its current contract is set to expire in October 2024, but Netflix’s contract for Raw doesn’t start until January 2025.

TKO, WWE’s parent company, announced during today’s quarterly earnings report that the red-brand will remain on USA through 2024.

The deal is reported at $25 million. WWE SmackDown will begin airing on the same channel from October 2024 after spending the last five years on FOX.

NXT will also make the move in October from USA to The CW.

Raw and Smackdown will remain on TNT Sports in the UK through December 2024 then all three weekly programmes, PLE and most of the WWE Network will move to Netflix (UK) in January 2025.