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Sky News at Five openers on 13th March 2017 with Kay Burley in Westminster and Colin Brazier in Edinburgh on the day parliament debates Article 50 #Brexit, and Nicola Sturgeon announces she will seek a second Scottish Independence referendum #IndyRef2


The Harlem Globetrotters, whose stunts, tricks and capers astound audiences around the world are coming to the UK. And to promote the tour, members of the team visited Kay Burley at Sky’s new studio in west London. The ‘Trotters are… Read more


Sky News presenter Colin Brazier, his wife Jo and their six children reflect on all the plastic they use in just one week.


Sky News began broadcasting from their brand new studio in Sky Central today (24th Oct 2016).


Sunrise with Sarah-Jane Mee – Sky News Promo 2016


U.S. Election – Sky News Promo 2016 feat. Cordelia Lynch and Amanda Walker


Second U.S. Presidential Debate – Sky News Promo 2016


Kay Burley and Stephen Dixon have posted some new images of Sky News’ new studio on social media. They posted the images on Twitter with Kay saying: “Shhh: Sneak peek of our new @SkyNews studio. Don’t tell anyone.” Stephen said:… Read more


International Emmy Award for migration crisis – Sky News Promo 2016


Tonight with Dermot Murnaghan – Sky News Promo 2016


All Out Politics with Adam Boulton – Sky News Promo 2016


First U.S. Presidential debate – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” – Sky News Promo 2016

Sky News Promo  2016 - The Battle For Labour - Corbyn v Smith (6)

Corbyn v Smith: The Battle for Labour – Sky News Promo 2016

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Sky News Promo 2016 - EU REF - The UK has decision to make 06-23 10-37-53

The UK’s got a massive decision to make – Sky News Promo 2016

Sky News Promo 2016 - EU REF - Public 06-23 10-37-20

The EU Referendum Results – Sky News Promo 2016

Decision Time- In Or Out (1) 06-20 13-13-15

It’s going to be a Rollercoaster – Sky News Promo 2016

Sky News Promo 2016 - EU Debate - Kay Burley and Faisal Islam  (4)

EU Debate: Cameron & Gove – Sky News Promo 2016 featuring Kay Burley and Faisal Islam