Priya Kaur-Jones – Q&A

Priya Kaur-Jones


Where are you from?
I’m a Northern Lass, born in Walton a village not far from Leeds/Wakefield.

How did you get started in broadcasting?
I did a degree in Genetics, then decided that looking down a microscope was not for me, so decided to do a post grad course in Journalism and look down a camera lens instead! After my course I got a job in local radio, then national radio, then local tv , then national tv…..phew, all happened quite quickly!

When was that?
I started working as a journalist in June 2001.

Why News broadcasting?
It keeps you on your toes, you never get bored because it’s a different story every day, its brilliant and constantly challenging.

Where else would have viewers seen or heard you before?
On BBC Asian Network, BBC East Midlands Today, and here at Five News.

What is your Best on-air moment?
Becoming the youngest news reader on National Tv, on Christmas Day when I presented my first bulletin for Five, my mum and dad were so proud bless ’em

What is your Worst on-air moment?
One of my first bulletins for East Midlands Today. The auto cue broke, my scripts weren’t in order…….the end of my bulletin was something like….……er….erm some travel news……….erm….a lorry has broken down in Linconlnshire…….er on a B road…….I’ll be back in half an hour! Always have scripts in order…….that was the lesson there!

What would you like to do before your career ends?
As much as I can!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
As little as I can! – I love chilling out somewhere tranquil, away from TV, papers and lots of people. I’m a keen traveller and love just heading off to random places with no particular plan. I’m also fond of mountains so when I have nice long holidays I can often be found trying to get up one or skiing down one!

What advice would you give to anyone that would like to get into the broadcasting world?
Don’t be put off by some of the people you will encounter. Someone once told me I was aiming too high when I said I wanted to be a TV journalist, and now look! There is a lot of competition in this industry. You have to be thick skinned. If you believe in yourself you will always succeed.

A big thanks to Priya for taking part.

Posted on Thursday 21st May 2009 by Johnnie Larkin