Alex Lovell – Q&A

Alex Lovell

‘Cuse me?!

Where are you from?
Born in Kent, grew up in North Yorkshire, moved to London for 13 years and am now trying to buy a house in North Somerset and stop moving!

How did you get started in broadcasting?
About 6 or 7 years ago I heard that a Producer I knew was looking for a TV Presenter and put myself forward. I never thought I’d be successful in my audition, so went in very relaxed – just hoping to learn something from the experience. As it turns out, it was the best thing I could have done as I got the job! If I’d have thought there was a chance I’d get it, I think I would have been struck down by nerves and been rubbish.

Why News broadcasting?
I have done children’s TV, light entertainment and more but I wanted to find something that would be constantly versatile, have gravitas and provide me with a steep learning curve! This role at Points West has done all that and continues to challenge me everyday.

Where else would have viewers seen or heard you before?
They can still see me on Five’s Brainteaser everyday, they can hear me on Deal or No Deal doing a voiceover.

What is your Best/Worst on-air moment?
They are often the same moment! There are a few but usually happen when I’ve inadvertently made a double entendre! Best not go back there!

What would you like to do before your career ends?
Do you know something I don’t?! I would love to do something really worthwhile on a grand scale. I have no qualms with throwing myself into a project that will do good and in which people at home can participate. Recent big appeals following disasters have proved how keen and generous we all are, we just don’t always know how to give or get round to doing it without a reminder. I would also love to make a documentary or programme that could change some peoples lives. For example, recently I was surprised to find out how many people would rate themselves as unconfident or unassertive. It would be wonderful to make a programme exploring what we do to ourselves to create this doubt and how we can try and change these habits. That’s just an example but something that would make a change somewhere is what I would like.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Relax. Each weekday is so full that my weekends are my chance to do as little as possible. Of course this is usually better in principal than actuality! I am just getting to the end of a scuba diving course, that was great fun!

What advice would you give to anyone that would like to get into the broadcasting world?
It depends what type of role they would like. For light entertainment they would be well advised to get a digital camera and make a showreel – short pieces to camera showing them presenting the kind of thing they think they are well matched to. For any kind of news related presentation, a course in journalism would be step one!

A big thanks to Alex for taking part.

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Thursday 21 May 2009