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Updated on Tuesday 27 April 2010 by @TVNewsroom

Random Images from the BBC Regional Debates.

Channel Islands
[singlepic=16564] [singlepic=16565]

East Midlands
[singlepic=16566] [singlepic=16567]


[singlepic=16569] [singlepic=16570]

North West
[singlepic=16571] [singlepic=16572]

North East and Cumbria
[singlepic=16573] [singlepic=16574]

Oxford (South Today)
[singlepic=16575] [singlepic=16576]

South East
[singlepic=16577] [singlepic=16578]

South West

West Midlands
[singlepic=16580] [singlepic=16581]

[singlepic=16582] [singlepic=16583]

[singlepic=16584] [singlepic=16585]

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
[singlepic=16586] [singlepic=16587]

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