Pip Tomson leaves GB News

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Sunday 28 April 2024
Pip Tomson on GB News

Pip Tomson has announced she has left GB News.

“UPDATE FROM ME. I have left GB News. I will decompress now & map out life’s next crazy adventures.” Pip wrote on X.

She joined GB News in June 2023, where she hosted the Live Desk with Mark Longhurst. He left shortly afterwards and the programme was later dropped.

Tomson started her TV career at ITV News Central in March 2002 co-presenting alongside Bob Warman. She also worked on ITV London, the ITV News Channel and ITV Westcountry.

In 2009, she joined GMTV, then Daybreak, before joining Sky News in 2012. In 2013, she re-joined Daybreak (later Good Morning Britain) and stayed there for ten years before heading to GB News.