Local Elections 2024 – Live TV Coverage on BBC, Sky News & GB News

Posted on Wednesday 1st May 2024 by Johnnie Larkin
Local Elections - BBC News Promo 2024 (5)

Voters in England and Wales will go to polls on Thursday 2nd May to elect councillors, mayors and police commissioners.

This will be the last big electoral test before the next general election later this year.

Live coverage of the results will air on the BBC, Sky News and GB News overnight on Thursday into Friday afternoon.


The BBC’s coverage will be hosted by Laura Kuenssberg from 11:40pm on BBC One and will continue during BBC Breakfast from 6am.

She will be joined throughout the night by Reeta Chakrabarti, who will crunch the numbers on her giant screens and Professor Sir John Curtice will assess the underlying electoral trends.

Political Editor Chris Mason will analyse what these elections mean for each political party.

There will be a Politics Live special from 12.00pm on BBC Two, before BBC One picks up the coverage at 1.45pm on Friday.

Sky News

Sky’s main election programme starts at 12am on Thursday night with Jonathan Samuels. He will be joined by Tamara Cohen and Gurpreet Narwan till 6am.

They will be joined by Sky News’ political team and Sky’s Election Analyst Professor Michael Thrasher.

Following Breakfast on Friday morning, Sophy Ridge will be on air from 10am till 5pm. She will be joined throughout the day by Political Editor, Beth Rigby; Deputy Political Editor, Sam Coates; and Economics and Data Editor, Ed Conway.

Mark Austin takes over from 5pm.

Sophy will be back at 7pm for a special edition of the Politics Hub. There will also be a special edition of the Politics Hub on Saturday evening from 7pm.

GB News

Tom Harwood will lead GB News’ coverage from 12am Thursday night. He will be joined by Political Editor Christopher Hope.

Coverage will continue at Breakfast from 6am on Friday 3rd May with Stephen Dixon and Ellie Costello.