Liam Halligan leaves GB News

Posted on Thursday 6th June 2024 by Johnnie Larkin
Liam Halligan GB News

GB News’ Economics and Business Editor Liam Halligan has left the news channel.

He was one of the originals to launch the channel in June 2021.

Halligan said: “There is a lot I COULD say about the last three years – and, in my view, the huge importance of and need for credible economics and business coverage across the UK’s broadcast news media.

“But what I really WANT to say is THANK YOU to hard-working colleagues and to the dear friends I’ve made here, both on and off-camera – above all Talia Wheating and Gloria DePiero.

“And thank you also to viewers and listeners for the (literally!) thousands of messages I’ve received asking me not to leave.”

Liam is best known for his weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph – Economics Agenda – which he has written for the last 21 years and will continue.

He also led Channel 4 News’ economics and business coverage for eight years until 2006, and presented standalone documentaries on Channel 4, including Dispatches.