ITN: Royal Wedding Coverage

Posted on Monday 24th January 2011 by Johnnie Larkin

ITN Productions has launched a royal wedding channel on YouTube that will feature unique video content uploaded daily in the run-up to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day.

The ITN Productions royal wedding channel ( will offer a light-hearted take on all wedding announcements and details as they are revealed, with video content grouped into five main themes: News, The Wedding, All about William & Kate, Royal Tradition, Fun & Quirky.

News: We’ll cover every twist and turn. Who will design the dress. Which celebs are invited to the big day? How much will the wedding cost?

The Wedding Day: The route – we’ll walk you through the procession and give you inside info on the best place to watch the event from; the venue – we’ll give you the low-down on Westminster Abbey; royal etiquette – tips about what guests should do to avoid any royal gaffes.

All About William & Kate: How has Kate been prepared for royal life? We’ll take a look back at William’s life and upbringing as a future king. Kate’s family – how will they adapt to public life?

Royal Tradition: We’ve mined ITN’s extensive news archive to take a look at royal weddings of the past. How is this one the same? In what ways will it be different?

Fun & Quirky: We’ll take you shopping for the most expensive wedding dresses in London; we’ll investigate what an ‘austerity wedding’ might look like; we’ll rate wedding guests on our celebrity ‘fameometer’.

ITN Productions has launched the channel on the back of widespread global interest following the royal couple’s engagement. The ITN Productions-made documentary for ITV2, Kate and Wills, a Royal Love Story, will also feature on the YouTube channel and a mobile app will be launched in support of it.

Commenting on the launch of the royal wedding channel, Mark Browning, Managing Director ITN Productions, said: “ITN Productions will be following the royal wedding every step of the way between now and April 29th. We’ll be bringing viewers exclusive content on royal wedding preparations, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at this multi-million pound event, steeped in centuries of tradition and which the eyes of the world will be watching.”

ITN’s ITV News will also be working with ITV on delivering specially commissioned coverage of the wedding.

ITN Productions is YouTube’s number one entertainment partner. Its ITN News channel is already the most viewed channel across the video sharing website. ITN content is seen by up to 40 million viewers worldwide on a monthly basis.

Source: ITN Press Office