Humza Yousaf vs GB News Lettuce

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Friday 26 April 2024
GB News Lettuce

Do you remember when the Daily Star said their lettuce would last longer than Liz Truss as Prime Minister?

Well.. GB News has jumped on this with the leader of the Scottish National Party, Humza Yousaf.

GB News is wondering if their lettuce, Humza YousLEAF – complete with facial hair, could out last the First Minister, who said that he will not resign and will be fighting two no confidence votes.

Yousaf announced he plans to step away from his party’s coalition with the Greens, after a dispute over climate policies.

Yousaf was appointed first minister on 29 March 2023, becoming the youngest person, the first Scottish Asian, and the first Muslim to serve in office.

He replaced Nicola Sturgeon who resigned on 15th February 2023 after a Police Scotland fraud inquiry was launched over money that had been raised by the party for independence campaigning was spent properly.