Emma Chases Burglars

Emma Chases Burglars

TVNewsroom-00143Emma Crosby has chased off burglars while dressed only in her pyjamas.

After returning home from her first GMTV shift, she heard noises coming from the flat above and knew her neighbour was at work. She went upstairs to investigate and was confronted by two men ransacking the property. The men then ran off.

She told the Mail on Sunday “Naturally when I heard noises coming from my neighbour’s apartment I went to check everything was OK.

“I was more than surprised to be confronted by two burglars, who ran off when they saw me. I was very shaken up and called the police.”

A GMTV source added: “She was shocked when she saw two men in the flat. She started screaming at them and they dropped everything, rushed past her, down the stairs and out of the house.

“Emma then chased them into the street. She was shouting for help but lost them and rushed straight home to call the police.

“She’s been saying she has no idea why she gave chase ? she knows she could have got hurt if they had knives or, worse, a gun ? but somehow the adrenaline kicked in and she just went for them.

“We’ve been joking that she’s the pluckiest girl we’ve seen on the station in a long time.”

Emma has since stepped up security measures at her own flat.

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