Darren McCaffrey leaves GB News

Posted on Thursday 13th July 2023 by Johnnie Larkin
Darren McCaffrey signs off GB News e

GB News’ political editor Darren McCaffrey will sign off for the final time today.

“Over and out… After a long goodbye, today is my final one at GB News and indeed in the Westminster lobby,” Darren tweeted.

“After more than 5 years as Political Editor at Euronews and GB News – it’s time to take a break from political reporting and see a bit more of the world.”

Christopher Hope – best known as Chopper – will join GB News from The Daily Telegraph, as Head of Politics and Political Editor.

Darren continued: “Certainly been a rollercoaster ride, one where I’ve worked alongside brilliant colleagues and made lots of friends – I wish them every success in the future!

“Special shout out to the politics team of @tomhfh, @forster_k, @OliviaUtley and to @christopherhope who takes over from me.”