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Terror Threat
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On Thursday August 10 2006, British police foiled a plot to blow up several passenger planes over the Atlantic. News networks covered the story in-depth.

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                    1400 (Thursday August 10) BBC News 24</div>

Louise Minchin and Tony Campion presented rolling coverage throughout the afternoon.

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                    1600 (Thursday August 10) Sky News</div>
Jeremy Thompson and Emma Crosby kept viewers updated throughout the afternoon on Sky News.

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                    1700 (Thursday August 10) BBC News 24</div>
Huw Edwards presented the Five O’clock News live from Heathrow Airport.

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                    1800 (Thursday August 10) BBC Six O'clock News</div>

Huw Edwards is at Heathrow for the Six O’clock News to round up the days events from the scene. Natasha Kaplinsky presented a short summary of the days other news.

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