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1800 (Monday December 11) BBC Six O’clock News
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1830 (Tuesday December 12) ITV Evening News
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2200 (Tuesday December 12) BBC Ten O’clock News
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1100 (Wednesday December 13) BBC News Special
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2000 (Wednesday December 13) Sky News At Ten
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0900 (Thursday December 14) Sky News Today
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1000 (Monday December 18) BBC News Report
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1300 (Monday December 18) Sky News
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On Saturday December 30 2006, the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging. News networks across the world covered the story in-depth 1000 (Saturday December 30) BBC News 24 Clive Myrie anchors BBC News 24 live from Baghdad… Read more

In December 2006, most of Britain was hit by fog which severly disrupted air travel. News networks covered the story in-depth 1800 (Thursday December 21) BBC Six O’clock News Natasha Kaplinsky presents the Six O’clock News live from Heathrow Airport…. Read more

Queen’s Speech – News Events ’06 On Wednesday November 15 2006, The Queen unveiled her Governments programme for the coming year. British networks produced special coverage. 1600 (Wednesday November 15) BBC News 24 Matthew Amroliwala in Westminster with Maxine Mawhinney… Read more