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The Sky News Leaders’ Debate – News Coverage
BBC News – Wednesday 21st
Laura Kuenssberg and Nick Robinson reporting from Bristol
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BBC News – Thursday 22nd
Breakfast – Bill Turnbull with Ben Wright
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From 10am: Emily Maitlis presents from Bristol for News Channel and ‘The One’
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George Alagiah presents ‘The Six’ from Bristol
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Emily Maitlis leads into the Debate
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Images from the Debate – shown on BBC News Channel
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George Alagiah presents ‘The Ten’ from Bristol, with Laura Kuenssberg
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Reeta Chakrabarti with Undecided voters in Bristol
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ITV News – Thursday 22nd
Mark Austin presents Evening News from Bristol
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Tom Bradby in Bristol
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Correspondents: Angus Walker, Bill Neely and Lucy Manning with Camps
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Mark Austin presents News at Ten from Media Centre in Bristol
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Alastair Stewart with undecided voters in Bolton
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James Mates with post-debate poll results
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Sky News – Wednesday 21st
Jeremy Thompson Presents Live at Five from Bristol
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.. and News at Ten from Bristol
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The Boulton Factor with Adam Boulton in Bristol
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Sky News – Thursday 22nd
Eamonn Holmes presents Sunrise from Bristol
9am – 2pm: Dermot Murnaghan and Anna Jones in Bristol
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2pm – 7pm: Jeremy Thompson and Anna Botting in Bristol
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7pm – 8pm: Kay Burley leads into the Debate
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9:30 -11pm: Kay Burley presents from the media centre
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11pm: The Boulton Factor with Adam Boulton from the media centre
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Midnight: Anna Botting presents the Midnight News from the media centre
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Martin Stanford crunches the poll results from Sky News Centre
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Joey Jones pre/post debate highlights
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