First Leaders’ Debate Coverage

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The First Leaders’ Debate – News Coverage
BBC News – Thursday 15th
Emily Maitlis Presents ‘The One’ and on BBC News Channel from Manchester
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Huw Edward presents ‘The Six’ and ‘The Ten’ from Manchester
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Laura Kuenssberg, Carole Walker and Nick Robinson in Manchester
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ITV News – Wednesday 14th
Mark Austin Presents News at Ten from Manchester
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Lucy Manning, Bill Neely and Angus Walker with Camps
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Tom Bradby in Manchester
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ITV News – Thursday 15th
Mark Austin Presents the Evening News and News at Ten from Manchester
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Emma Murphy in Bolton
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Jmaes Mates with post-debate poll results
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Tom Bradby in Manchester
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Sky News – Wednesday 14th
Jeremy Thompson presents Live at Five from Manchester
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Adam Boulton presents ‘Unleashed’ and ‘Factor’ from Manchester
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Sky News – Thursday 15th
Eamonn Holmes presents Sunrise from Manchester
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Dermot Murnaghan presents from Manchester
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Adam Boulton interviews Alastair Stewart
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Michelle Clifford, Dharshini David and Rachel Younger with Camps
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[singlepic=16283] [singlepic=16285]
Jon Craig interviews studio guests in Manchester
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Adam Boulton Presents ‘Unleashed’ and ‘Factor’ from Manchester
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Dermot Murnaghan presents Sky News at Ten from Manchester
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Joey Jones picks over the highlights
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Five News – Thursday 15th
Andy Bell in Manchester
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RTS Awards 2018

The nominations for the 2019 RTS Television Journalism Awards have been announced. The awards, for both news and current affairs, seek to recognise creative and excellent journalism by organisations whose broadcasts are transmitted on a UK based platform or who create online video content from…