Election Night ’05

Vote ’05
Opening Shot of Presenters
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[singlepic=15030] [singlepic=15033]
[singlepic=15034] [singlepic=15035]
[singlepic=15037] [singlepic=15042]
David Bowden in Sunderland South. Lorna Dunkley in Barnsley Central
[singlepic=15045] [singlepic=15047]
Rachel Younger in Birmingham. Lisa Aziz in Torbay
[singlepic=15052] [singlepic=15056]
Robert Nisbet in Rossendale. Andrew Wilson in Sedgefield
[singlepic=15065] [singlepic=15068]
Emma Hurd in Folkestone. Greg Milam in Fort William
[singlepic=15070] [singlepic=15071]
Jon Craig at Conservative HQ. Anna Botting in Putney
[singlepic=15114] [singlepic=15119]
Matt Smith in Maidenhead. Glen O’Glaza at Labour HQ
[singlepic=15133] [singlepic=15134]
Joey Jones in Bethnal Green. James Matthews in Edinburgh
[singlepic=15135] [singlepic=15138]
Dominic Waghorn in Folkestone. Martin Popplewell in Milton Keynes
[singlepic=15149] [singlepic=15155]
Geoff Meade in Hornchurch. Colin Brazier in Dorest West
[singlepic=15168] [singlepic=15208]
Kay Burley flying in the SkyCopter and stopping off at key counts.
[singlepic=15086] [singlepic=15171]
Martin ‘VR’ Stanford
Martin Stanford in the House of Commons
[singlepic=15062] [singlepic=15074]
[singlepic=15078] [singlepic=15080]
Martin Stanford in the Lobby
[singlepic=15063] [singlepic=15109]
[singlepic=15112] [singlepic=15130]
Declaration Graphics
[singlepic=15141] [singlepic=15142]
Hold, Gain Graphics
[singlepic=15122] [singlepic=15189]
[singlepic=15173] [singlepic=15206]
Sky News Forecast
[singlepic=15196] [singlepic=15199]
Other Graphics
[singlepic=15102] [singlepic=15103]
[singlepic=15123] [singlepic=15126]
[singlepic=15163] [singlepic=15216]
May 6th
Jeremy Thompson and Kay Burley take over from Adam Boulton and Julie Etchingham
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[singlepic=15235] [singlepic=15236]

Vote ’05 Throughout the General Election campaign Sky News ran a series of programmes including ‘If I Were Prime Minister’ which gave public figures the chance to tell what they would do if they were in Downing Street. Contributors included… Read more

Vote ’05 The Sky News Reality Check scrutinised every Campaign promise and pledge using the best research and state of the art graphics to examine the parties’ claims and rhetoric.

Vote ’05 Sky Across Britain saw David Bowden use the SkyCopter to travel the length and breadth of the country testing public opinion on all the big Election issues.

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