C4 Election Coverage (3rd Nov ’08)

Jon in Virginia, Krishnan in London
[singlepic=11276] [singlepic=11306] [singlepic=11277]
Jon in Virginia
[singlepic=11274] [singlepic=11276]
[singlepic=11278] [singlepic=11308]
[singlepic=11309] [singlepic=11316]
Sarah Smith in Virginia
[singlepic=11293] [singlepic=11294]
Jonathan Rugman in Florida
[singlepic=11300] [singlepic=11302]
Graphics – Straps
[singlepic=11290] [singlepic=11291]
[singlepic=11292] [singlepic=11305]
Graphics – Others
[singlepic=11280] [singlepic=11281]
[singlepic=11282] [singlepic=11283]
[singlepic=11284] [singlepic=11287]
RTS Awards 2018

The nominations for the 2019 RTS Television Journalism Awards have been announced. The awards, for both news and current affairs, seek to recognise creative and excellent journalism by organisations whose broadcasts are transmitted on a UK based platform or who create online video content from…