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Budget 2006
On Wednesday March 22 2006, Gordon Brown unveiled his tenth budget. British networks produced special programmes.

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                    1215 (Wednesday March 22) BBC Two/News 24 Special</div>

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David Dimbleby presents live coverage of the Budget on BBC Two. Coverage is simulcast on BBC News 24.

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                    1225 (Wednesday March 22) ITV News Special</div>
Alastair Stewart and Katie Derham presented a specially extended edition of the Lunchtime News to cover the speech.

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                    1600 (Wednesday March 22) Sky News</div>
Adam Boulton presented Sky News’ coverage throughout the afternoon. Martin Stanford worked the virtual graphics.

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                    1900 (Wednesday March 22) BBC News 24</div>
Jon Sopel in Westminster with Joanna Gosling and Tim Willcox in the studio reflect on the days speech.

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                    2200 (Wednesday March 22) BBC Ten O'clock News</div>
Huw Edwards examines the speech on the Ten O’clock News.

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