BBC Crisis 2012

On 3 October 2012, ITV1 aired a documentary called ‘Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’.. In it several women said that, as teenagers, they had been sexually abused by Savile. It was said Savile obtained access to teenage girls through television programmes such as Top of the Pops and Clunk, Click, and his charity work.

Following the broadcast of the documentary, many people came forward to make allegations about Savile’s conduct towards young people. Some abuse was said to have taken place on BBC premises.

The BBC announced two reviews into the allegations, including what happened at the BBC when Jimmy worked there, and why a newsnight investigation into Savile was shelved in December 2011.

BBC Peter Rippon

Peter Rippon has been appointed editor of BBC’s news archive across BBC Online. The former Newsnight editor will take up

Stephen Mitchell BBC

Stephen Mitchell, who has quit as BBC deputy director of news, has issued a statement following the Pollard Review into


The BBC has announced that the deputy head of news, Stephen Mitchell, will retire when he works his notice. The

Pollard Report on BBC due to be published tomorrow

The Pollard Report into the BBC’s handling of the Jimmy Savile story has been handed to the BBC.

The former head of Sky News, Nick Pollard, carried out the report after it was revealed Newsnight binned a report about inappropriate sex acts committed by Jimmy Savile in the 70s and 80s on BBC property.

The report is expected to be published tomorrow.

Culture Secretary: Tony Hall has very strong track record

Tony Hall BBC DG

Tony Hall on his appointment as new BBC Director-General: “I believe passionately in the BBC and that’s why I have

Lord Patten

Announcing the appointment of Tony Hall as the new Director-General of the BBC, Lord Patten, BBC Trust Chairman, said: “While


The BBC has appointed former Director of News, Tony Hall, as its new Director-General. Hall, who has been chief executive

ITV Jimmy Savile Exposure

ITV1 will broadcast a follow-up to its documentary that exposed Jimmy Savile as a sex offender. Almost two months on

Missing Thumbnail

ITV’s Director of Television said he has received a letter from Lord Mcalpine, after This Morning alleged the former Tory

Sky News Sky News

The acting Director-General of the BBC, Tim Davie, ended his interview with Sky News this afternoon by walking off.. The


The BBC have announced that the Director of News Helen Boaden and the Deputy Director of News Stephen Mitchell will

Jerermy Paxman

Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has released a statement in the last hour, following the news that the new BBC Director-General


BBC Director-General George Entwistle has resigned after just eight weeks in the job… In a statement, Entwistle said: “In the


Peter Rippon, editor of Newsnight, is stepping aside with immediate effect while the review by Nick Pollard, the former head

Posted on Sunday 25th November 2012 by Johnnie Larkin