Baroness Margaret Thatcher Dies

Thatcher Funeral: Behind the scenes images of ITV’s coverage

BBC News am Thatcher Funeral

BBC News ITV News Channel 4 / 5 News Sky News

Margaret Thatcher

The funeral of Baroness Margaret Thatcher will take place today with live coverage on BBC, ITV and Sky News. The

Sky News Promo  Baroness Thatchers Funeral

Sky News Promo 2013 – Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral

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The BBC has said that the ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ song, which is likely to enter the top

BBC Question Time

This week’s edition of Question Time has been moved from Rochdale to Finchley – the former constituency of Baroness Margaret

BBC cues Prime Minister David Cameron

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BBC Parliament has released details of a series of special programmes to air this evening on the political life of

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TV broadcasters will air special documentaries this evening following the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher. The former Prime Minister died

ITN’s ex-Political Editor John Sergeant says Thatcher was his favourite PM

ITN’s former political editor John Sergeant has told ITV News that Baroness Thatcher was easily his favourite prime minister.

“You were never quite sure what she would do or say, but whatever the outcome she never failed to make headlines.

“She really was prepared to cross the road for an argument, particularly if she felt certain she could win it before the big black door at No 10 closed behind her. She made my career.”

BBC Newsnight extended tonight

CNN in Baroness Thatcher/Jimmy Savile picture gaffe

BBC Parliament to show programmes on Thatcher this evening

BBC One schedule news special for 4pm

Following the death of Margaret Thatcher, the BBC has scheduled a news special for 4pm this afternoon on BBC One.

Sky News Sky News      e

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died this morning following a stroke – she was 87. Her spokesman, Lord Bell

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