CNN arrives on Freeview this month

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Post by krooney » Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:14 pm

CNN International will arrive on Freeview in the UK this month taking up residence with a four or six hour slot. CNNI will replace at least Nuts TV and possibly GEMSTV1 as well. This channel has to be welcomed as we get too much bias and showbiz with the Beeb and Sky news channels. The CNNI channel was scheduled as a 24/7 channel back in 2002 when Freeview launched but was replaced by Sky News.

The channel will probably go 24/7 when more space becomes available or after switchover in 2012.

Guessing they will want to be on air before Obama's inaguration in 15 days time and the 20th has been mooted as a start date.

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