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Post by AndrewMorris » Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:40 am

I regularly tune into Gillette Soccer Saturday but recently I could not understand why Rodney Marsh had not appeared on the show.

I'm not a person to read so called newspapers nor do I have the inclination. I'm not interested in useless gossip, gambling or oggling over naked women all the time (get a good women, its much better and preferably one that doesn't nag). Anyway some friends stayed with us for Easter and thats when I discovered what had happened. Should I be surprised? of Rodney's outragious comments? NO, I mean society and yes that same old chestnut 'Political Correctness' YET AGAIN !!!!

After spending some time on the web I finally got the affending words that were said "David Beckham would not sign for Newcastle because of the trouble caused by the Toon Army in Asia."

It is bad taste for sure but I still find it funny, I hope that does'nt make me a bad person. I am married to an Asian woman and believe me my heart goes out to all those who have perished and lost their families in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Me and my wife spent most of Xmas watching the aftermarth of this terrible event on our TV screen and we both felt very sad about it.

My point is people like Rodney Marsh are entertainers, they are not afraid to say what they think and always have an opinion. Unfortunately they may go near the mark occasionally but so what this is why people tune in to watch them. We want banter, cheek, fun, emotion, some excitement.....nothing replaces those debates between Rodney and Frank McKlintock or when some idiot with no brain phones in complaining on 'Your On Sky Sports'.

This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened, remember Ron Atkinson, (well Desailly was a lazy so & so in that Champions League match last year, yes may be a bit to far that time).

If they go too near the mark then slap them on the rists, don't just get rid of your best assets.

You know why the Premiership is much more fun this year than before well it is becuase we don't have to rely on just Alex Ferguson to provide some opinions. Just when we thought we would never see another Brian Clough again out pops Jose Mourinho. What a guy, he tells everyone he is the best manager in Europe, and this year he wins the premiership at the first attempt, I don't care how much money he had available to him, that is impressive and I'm not a Chelsea fan.

The reason why society is going down hill is not because of light hearted entertainment, it is because of the filth and language dished out in crap US films and the MTV flooded on our screens so that business can exploit and brainwash everyone for the cause of money. No wonder we have trouble with respect for each other, everyone from a young age is told to have attitude and broadcasting this is the problem for nations around the world.

Since he has left I do not bother watching 'Your On Sky Sports' anymore because its boring now and only watch a little of 'Gillette Soccer Saturday'. Sky should take note I won't be the only one.

I may have digressed a bit but I think you get the message.


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Post by ST34 » Sat Apr 09, 2005 3:17 pm

Good post, good points well made. I agree.

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Post by singledub » Sat Apr 09, 2005 3:19 pm

Quite! Not sure ITV getting shot of Ron Atkinson was a bad thing, but Rodney Marsh is a huge loss to Sky and the sooner they realise it the better!

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Post by Jordan » Sat Apr 09, 2005 5:26 pm

Here, here, bring back Rodney and Big Ron I say. It was good to see that the Geordie fans didn't hold the same grudges that these TV bosses do and welcomed Bowyer back with open arms last night. I really enjoyed that punch up last Saturday and I know you don't expect that behaviour on the pitch, but a least the players were showing passion despite being 3 goals down, I wish I could see that kind of passion from the Albion. Anyway I've ranted long enough now and I heard ITV2 were helping in choosing a new leader for the Catholic church, Pope Idol!!!

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Post by trotsky » Sat Apr 16, 2005 8:52 pm


It should be one of the key pledges in the forthcoming election

Soccer Saturday, one of my favourite shows on the box, clearly lacks without him.

The chemistry between Stelling, Marsh and McLintock is Irreplaceable

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