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Newsroom+Jan 16 2005, 09:22 PM(Newsroom @ Jan 16 2005, 09:22 PM)

Try mailto:Di.Stewart@bskyb.com">Di.Stewart@bskyb.com

Note the capitals.

I got a failed delivery report on this.

Is there an address where I can write for a signed fan card of Di and also my hero Jeff Stelling!?

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heres one of my caps of di

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her eyes look really scary on that pic she was on early today didnt see her yesterday though any1 know if Beck jago still comes on

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Post by January » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:20 am

How is that woman so perfect? Not fair. Not fair at all.

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Any1 c her yesterday when she was with Clarky, man she looked HOT!

Great cleavage shots...


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Had to post this!!! Babe or what??

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there is an interview with her on the Guardian


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Post by Country_Girl202 » Mon May 09, 2005 1:15 pm

heres another interview she did in the mil she talks about he relationsip with jonny


TV girl Di on life without Wilko

By Tony Bonnici

FOR a moment, her natural exuberance falters and Diana Stewart cannot find the words.

The on-off girlfriend of rugby ace Jonny Wilkinson has just broken the bombshell news that their relationship is over.

And this time it is for good.

Clearly the pain of the split is still incredibly raw, and she struggles to articulate her feelings.


"We are not in a relationship at the moment, but we are still very close," she says. "Jonny and I speak every day, but the two of us have a lot of things going on in our lives.

"There was no one particular thing ... a lot of factors played a part in the decision. Even so we are still incredibly supportive of each other, it works well."

Suddenly, the pretty Sky Sports presenter's confident composure begins to crumble and her voice, once bubbly and assertive, becomes wistful.

"It is," she says almost in a whisper, "quite difficult for me to talk about it. I think you are always...."

Trailing off, the strain of the break-up proves too much for her and she returns to surer, happier ground, explaining why there will always be a bond between them.

How, after England's brilliant World Cup win in Australia in 2003, they found themselves thrust into the spotlight.

IT is always a difficult transition, from relative obscurity to national celebrity, but for the publicity-shy couple it was especially hard.

Diana recalls: "When you go through something like that, you are always going to have that shared experience of crazy times.

"When it's no longer just about the sport, it's very strange. But it's a time in my life that I will never be able to forget.

"The good thing was I had just taken all my holiday, so I became immersed in my work. I was able to hide away in an edit suite for weeks."

Her career has always been a driving force in the 25-year-old's life. As she speaks, it becomes obvious that like Jonny, she is determinedly single-minded.

"Work is very important to me. In fact, I'm never thinking about much else. It is much same for a lot of 20-somethings today."

And therein lies a clue as to why this relationship was always going to struggle. Diana and the England fly-half are just too similar. They met while she was a languages student at Newcastle University, but Jonny was reluctant to parade his new girlfriend in public and did his best to shield her.

Inevitably, as his fame grew, their life became increasingly difficult, all the more so when she came to London after graduating.

Moving in with her older sister Amy, she took a place at Mountview stage school, whose former students included Amanda Holden and Nick Moran.

After completing the course she got a small role opposite Martin Kemp in the ITV drama, Family.

Shortly afterwards she started work at Sky, finding herself working behind the scenes. And last year Diana became one of the faces to launch Marks and Spencer's ... & More card.

In the meantime, her career at Sky began to take off and Jonny was becoming a household name.

When he went to Australia to play in the World Cup she was there to watch him and after the historic final he whisked her away for a romantic break to the Seychelles.

She was at his side again during England's victory parade and again when he went to Buckingham Palace to collect his MBE from the Queen.

Di also accompanied Jonny and the rest of the squad to Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister.

For a while it had seemed as if they truly were a golden couple - and the comparisons to that other couple, David and Victoria Beckham, went with them.

But in November last year rumours the two had broken up began to emerge.

It was noted that despite being unable to play, Wilkinson had been reluctant to make the 300 mile journey to London to be with his girlfriend.

They had, said friends, drifted apart because of the time they spent away from each other. A few weeks later however and the two were back together, but it has proved to be only a temporary thing.

But if her love life was shaky, her professional life was taking on a life of its own. She found herself being mentioned in the same breath as that other Sky Sports babe, Kirsty Gallagher.

"It's very flattering to be considered in those terms, I'm a good friend of Kirsty's," she says. "People always make comparisons whatever business you are in. But really, I'd just like to be Di Stewart, nothing more."

And in that respect she says she does not plan to follow the route into lads' mags photo-shoots.

"That sort of thing isn't really me, I'm much more at home in my TaylorMade golf jumpers!"

The insertion of the brand is typical of her attitude to her employers.

Golf company TaylorMade recently appointed her an ambassador to sell the sport to women and if she seems at ease with their products it is not surprising. She has been playing the game from childhood.

BOTH her parents play and she has been on the driving range since she was six.

"We are quite an obsessed family when it comes to the game. You need discipline and flexibility to play golf, but it's good exercise and very sociable."

She has played for the Cheshire Ladies Team and at one stage got down to a handicap of 11.

"It's crept up to 17 since then because I don't get time to play as often as I'd like. I'd love to have been a professional, playing on the best courses around the world."

She genuinely enjoys sport and while at school was a games captain, earning places on the hockey and netball squads, as well as playing tennis.

And she is scornful of the male critics who dismiss attractive female sports presenters.

She says: "It's something all girls at Sky Sports have to go through. But I don't think I'd still be doing the job if I did not know what I was talking about."

Work may dominate her life at the moment, but it is not the be all and end all.

"When I'm not working, I'll go out with my three sisters or my brother and I've got cousins who live around the corner. We just go to the local pub or Italian. I'm a vino collapso kind of girl, not a ladette."

However she will soon be taking part in the Great North Run, where she hopes to beat her current best of one hour 54 minutes.

It will mean a return visit to Newcastle ... and Jonny's home town.

"I always feel at home driving over the Tyne Bridge," she says, just a little wistfully.

- TaylorMade has partnered with six major golf clubs around the country to promote women's golf.

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Post by January » Mon May 09, 2005 1:31 pm

Doesn't she sound like the nicest person... ever? Maybe it's the name!

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Good interview...Looks like the babe is single!

Ne1 see her on Friday between 3-4pm, she looked HOT! Low cleavage makes her look fine!

Ne caps would be cool....


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