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Post by Roberts_01 » Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:50 pm

Can anybody help out? The music is played in the background when Richard Key's is showing the Premier league table, very quiet, but has heavy distorted guitars.

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Post by Roberts_01 » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:02 pm

Can anybody help out? Whats the music when Richard Key's is showing the premier league table? It's on Super Sunday, just shown now if you watched the Man U & Arsenal game. It has heavy distorted guitars and sounds quite industrial

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Post by Roverman35 » Sat Jan 27, 2007 7:04 pm

Can anyone help with this question on Las Saturday's Soccer AM , on showboat they played some rap music which sampled Supertramps Breakfast in America, does anyone know who the artist is and what the track is called.


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Post by Addy_Esque87 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 5:59 pm

Bit of an usual request, this one....but i'll ask it none the less.

Right O.

I am looking for a song that was in Mean Machine, the film wiv Vinnie Jones (im 90% sure it was in it) now i've had a look on the actual soundtrack Album for it online, and found a website that has 30sec sound samples of the songs.>

Now the one that im looking for isn't on that ablum at all, and its really frustrating me as i heard it @ a local Semi-Pro football game the other day in the ground about 15mins b4 the match started.

Now the song was on an album and there were well-known footie songs on it such as Eat My Goal, Vindaloo, World In Motion, Back Home and the usual footie songs.

Now i've tried looking online for 'English Football Albums' but i cant seem to find the one that has any track listing relevant to what i heard at the game.

It is not the String 4 Jasmine track on the album, im sure the song has been in other films and the only programm that i can clearly remember it being on was on Sky Sports 'The Premiership Years 97/98' or 'The Premiership Years 98/99'

And the song was only shown at the start of that programm for like 30seconds with pictures and footage of the stars of that season b4 they do the month by month review of the season.

It's very frustrating for me, as i know the piece of music well in my head, but can't get any help looking for the name of the song.

Iv tried searching for the Complete Credit List of 'Mean Machine' because i know for some films you can get the complete list of the credits with what songs were mentioned.

Anyway the song that im looking for has no words, and is a kind of dance/trance song but it is at the same time relaxing.

I think the scene that it may have been in is when the team are going out to the pitch and they walk through the prison or maybe its on b4 that, i dont know. All i know that it was in Mean Machine, im pretty sure at that and it was used towards the end of the film b4 the match againgst the wardens.

So does any1 know where i can find online, The Complete - and i mean the Complete Film Credits for the film which will include the songs at the very end, as i know that if i could see this then i'd be able to work out which one is the name of the song that im looking for.

Or i guess i cud just go and ask whoever was operating the tannoy at the Semi-Pro game i went to what CD or Album they were playing, as then i could work out which song it was.

Apologies if i havn't explained this as well as i cud've but the name of this tune is really really annoying me.

The tune would have probably played around footie grounds late 90s early 00's to the build up of the game, if anyone can possibly think of the slightest of what chance the tune could be.

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Post by kal1000 » Sat Feb 03, 2007 10:36 pm


The song you are looking for is Escape by Chris Armstrong

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Post by chrisrabb » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:58 am

Hi, is there any chance of finding the theme tunes from the mid90s Sky Sports football coverage on Super Sunday and Monday Night Football? The SNF theme had the words "here we go... this is it", and the MNF one didn't have any words.

Also around 1997/98 there was a new Monday night football one, it may have been an actual track but no idea what, and Ive no way of describing it... oh, and it was on an advert for ribeena... if that helps. Can anyone help me?

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Post by Sads » Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:39 pm

Hello all,

I've had a look over a number of posts on Sky Sports music (why don't they set up a site which as a list of music used commonly??) - I too am looking for an answer on the music used during the Ashes...the music used over scorecards/summaries - a chill out tune is best way to describe it. They're still using during the one-day series now. Did anyone actually find an answer to this question??


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Post by Addy_Esque87 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:05 pm

:angry: Well just to annoy me even more Sky Sports still havn't got back to my e-mail about the Ashes 'chil out tune' Music that quite a few of us want to know the answer to. I've given up on Sky answering me, but :rolleyes: we may have an answer coming up.

Due to the fact im an Home and Away fan, and the fact i'd missed monday's episode, i decided to get my bro to tape it for me on tuesday @ 12, i was out for the day, anyway came back home and to my suprise, guess what happened at the end of the credits when it came to a ?1000 competition, we got that bit of music in the background.

:huh: I cudn't believe it so i rewound it and yes it was that tune in the b/ground.

Anyway i have contacted Channel Five 5minutes ago and i know that they will get a reply back to me, as i've e-mailed them several times in the past (how sad am i, Channel Five have replied to me) i have no doubt they will reply to me in the next 7days or so.

However if ppl still wanting to know the tune do somehow stumble on the tune on the internet, just let us know on here what it is called.

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Post by Addy_Esque87 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:42 pm

YES YES YES YES and errrrrrr urrrrm YES!

Good News ppl, i have the answer of what the 'chill-out' tune that Sky have used when showing the scorecards during the Ashes and the whole Australia Tour.

I wrote to Channel 5 last night and got the answer TODAY, well i got the answer @ 3.15 according to my e-mail but i got home from college at 4, so i've literally just seen it this second.

I basically told them about the tune and when they had used it and told them that Sky Sports wern't replying to me..anyway here's their response

Date: 9th February 2007

Dear Adam

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding background music.

We used production music for the item you mention and we obtained this from a music house called KPM. The details are as follows:

Title: ?California Sunshine'

Author: Walker Ilian Rainbow

Publisher: Music house (international) LT

Label: Music house

If there is anything further we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Five.

Yours sincerely



B) How about that then, i got a reply from Channel 5, having seen the tune once and i got a reply within 24hours, where Sky wouldn't reply to it for some strange reason at all.

I've had a look on the website> and found a page on which that track is. Its Number 5 on that particular album, but you have to register up for it and blar de blar.

Anyway im trying to find out if i can get a copy of it somehow, i'll inform you peeps if i do or not l8r.

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Post by bouncebackability » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:53 am

Thanks very much Addy for your investigations! Much appreciated, tis a great tune

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