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Post by lakewood » Tue May 10, 2005 6:20 pm

Election night viewing figures (from Digital Spy)

"BBC One claimed a substantial victory on election night, according to early ratings figures.

An average of 4.2 million viewers - a 35% share of the available audience - tuned in for the corporation's early polling coverage between 9.55pm and 2am. ITV1's competing broadcast could only manage a 1.7 million (15%) average over the same period.

Sky News, meanwhile, held an average of 111,000 (1.06%) between 9pm and 2am, reaching a peak of 219,000 (1.77%) at 10.45pm. News 24 and the ITV News Channel pulled in audiences of 74,000 (0.82%) and 22,000 (0.2%) respectively for simulcasts of their terrestrial counterparts.

Elsewhere on Thursday night, Channel 4's movie presentation of The Full Monty appealed to 3.08 million (14.4%) between 9pm and 10.40pm, easily topping Five's premiere of Charlie's Angels, which averaged 1.83 million (8.5%) between 8pm and 10pm.

Top programme of the night was BBC One's EastEnders, which drew a substantially reduced 8.71 million (45.2%) at 7.30pm. Emmerdale took 8.12 million (46%) for second, followed by The Bill with 6.08 million (28.7%) and Footballers' Wives with 5.53 million (25.2%).

A new episode of ER was multichannel's highest-ranking original show of the day, averaging 489,000 (3.3%) on E4 at 9pm. A further 146,000 (1.1%) opted to watch the show an hour later on E4+1.

Also in the 9pm hour, Sky One's first-run Cold Case managed to tie with ITV2's Real Crime repeat at an average of 333,000 (2.2%)."

Oh dear only 1.7%

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Post by lakewood » Thu May 12, 2005 11:04 am

Media Guardian

Sky doesn't feel benefit of falling interest rates

Least effective general election gimmick was surely Sky News's bizarre "Interest Index", which began the campaign on minus 31 (ie 31% more people were bored with the campaign than interested) and ended on the same depressing score after briefly entering the minus 20s. Popping up randomly in the bottom left-hand corner, the index looked like a yawning verdict on whichever poor soul happened to be on screen.

Not so artful gallery

But the Sky News Interest Index would have shot through the roof had more viewers tuned into its "gallery cam". One of 16 interactive services, it enabled digital viewers to watch the goings-on in the Sky News gallery with an audio feed direct to the director and executive producer. Viewers were treated to a four-letter tirade when the channel missed the Hove result, and watched as staff spent rather longer than usual watching BBC1 after a technical malfunction.

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Post by daved2424 » Tue May 17, 2005 7:08 am

I read somewhere Dawn Airey - Networks Controller at Sky - was saying how fantastic the ratings of Sky News were compared to BBC News 24 and ITV News. Fair point, they were ahead, just, but News 24 and ITV were simulcasting their terrestial output. So if you add BBC1 and News 24, ITV1 and ITV News and Sky News with their simulcast on five, they didn't really do all that well did they Dawn? Despite that, great output, but in my opinion the BBC beat them again, but of course ITV were left dragging up the rear.

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