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TV Newsroom
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Post by TV Newsroom » Fri Oct 08, 2004 5:10 am

Sky News has appointed Nick Purnell as Managing Editor of Sky News Ireland.

Nick Purnell will oversee story selection, editorial content and the deployment of newsgathering staff and equipment for the Irish service

Managing Editor, Sky News Ireland, Nick Purnell said: "Sky News Ireland had a fantastic launch and has provided a great service to date. I've already worked with several of the team, and found them to be amongst the most committed and friendly professionals I've known. Now with more staff coming on board, it's time to build on our strengths and bring it forward to the next level."

Nick replaces Sky News Ireland?s outgoing Managing Editor, Michael Wilson, who is set to return to the UK to head up newsgathering for Sky?s news contract with Five.

Mr Byrne
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Post by Mr Byrne » Fri Oct 29, 2004 2:43 pm

OK. Well he has some work to do. I've pointed out a lot of faults with Sky News Ireland.

1/ They regularly have technical errors, stupid things like the "LIVE" sign being 1 cm below the clock.

2/ At 7PM there have already been 3 main bulletins on TV3 and RTE. - to top that off, Prime time TV programmes start at that hour, not a good potential for ratings!

3/ At 10PM - Prime Time TV is on at that hour!

4/ News in Review - Rubbish, no one wants it, there should be an ordinary bulletin on saturday and sunday. I'd hate to see what will happen when the next war breaks out. If I want to go live to Baghdad at 7PM on Saturday, how can I do when the "week in review" is on.

5/ Too much priority given to Irish affairs. When there is a major suicide in Iraq and 50 people are dead and everyone esle has it as their main headlines, so should Sky News Ireland. If the story is a major one, lets say America launches a surpirse attack on Iran @ 7PM tonight and its been broadcasted LIVE- it should be left to the London bureau

6/ Too little reporters, more reporters are needed.

7/ Weather Girl - I think most of you would agree that lisa Burke should do it most of the time.

8/ two bulletins at bad hours are the reason that Sky News Ireland has been suffering with bad ratings (don't get me wrong - I watch it most ngiths, I'm a fan) but this could be resolved if there was a continuous Sky News Ireland between 5:30PM to 10PM. - Hire more newsreaders. 2 bulletins, mon-fri at very bad hours, not only defeats the puropose of 24 hour news, but also- there can never be a potential for good ratings if they keep it up!

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