Sky News: No Extended Coverage Overnight

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simon from thanet
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Post by simon from thanet » Tue Aug 17, 2004 7:15 pm

They started getting a video from the area around 23:00, the rescue was continueing through the night and there was still breaking news and it was important so why no extended coverage with 2 presenters and the newswall as they have done for important news at other times?

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Post by kacas » Mon Aug 23, 2004 12:06 pm

because in comparison to things like starvation in sudan (although rarely mentioned) this is not big important news

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Post by dotdotuk » Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:47 pm

Actually it pains me to say it as I have watched Sky News since the good old days ( Chisolm, Mann, Calister, Scott, Glencourse et al ) but Sky were awful covering the Boscastle flood.

ITV NC and BBC 24 were miles ahead. I realise that they have local newsrooms but I remember Jeremy breaking the news during Live At Five yet they did not have live pictures when I went to bed at about 23:30

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